Top Tip for Tourists…

That girl who’s agreed to take a photo of you and your entire family in front of the Houses of Parliament? She’s doing you a favour. She’s also holding your camera. So criticising her composition and sending her back to take a better shot is a little rude. Not to mention unwise.

Anyone care to guess the nationality of the family in question? Let your prejudices run free…


24 responses to “Top Tip for Tourists…

  1. I’ll start with the obvious – American?

  2. that’s not fair, I was going to say American – I’ll go for the next one – German

  3. London City Soul

    american, can’t be no other being bleeding rude and stupidly naiv at the same time.

  4. Perhaps I should remind my readers that this blog is married to an American? On the whole, when not invading other people’s countries unnecessarily, I find the Shermans generally polite abroad.

  5. I’d say japanese

  6. London City Soul

    there are, as always, exceptions to the rule.

    my second guess would be indian.

  7. My first guess would be English. My second guess would be Indian. The fact that you said they were tourists isn’t the only thing that stops them being from London… I don’t think anyone from the area would be trusting enough to hand over a camera to a complete stranger.

    Am I now a fully fledged racist?

  8. xenophobic, maybe, but not necessarily racist.

  9. Swiss (not necessarily called Robinson)

  10. c’mon, rude people are everywhere and good manners are an international standard that not all people meet.

  11. I can’t believe I’m the first to say French.

  12. I’d go with English first of all, after meeting tourists in the chip shop who were loudly discussing that the chap who couldn’t understand there broad lancashire accents “must be foreign”. No love, you just speak almost as indecipherably as us. If only either you or he spoke English as oppose to Manc and Geordie, the problem would be averted.

    If not English, I’d go for Japanese too.

  13. he he.

    I should admit, I was only passing by so I can’t entirely be certain, but from the accent I’d say the guy was German, or German speaking at least, so Heidi and Huttonian are most likely to be right.

    And there was me thinking that the Japanese were considered polite…

  14. London City Soul

    i should have known, after all I currently am the rude english woman in germany.

  15. Everybody’s got to have a hobby…

  16. To be honest, I expected better of the Germans, I mean, they were so rude the way they blundered around Paris in ’40, I thought they’d learned their lesson by now!

  17. Germans can be mind-numbingly rude

  18. I think the thing is with Germans, is that they know they are right, so they wish to share the benefit of their wisdom with everyone else…

  19. You make it sound almost decent of them. My boss is German, I’d like it if he’d just talk to me at all. Or respond to my e-mails, or even, I know this is radical, consider answering work related questions. I live in hope.

  20. er – have you tried cc-ing his boss in your emails when asking questions? It’s a bit passive-aggressive, I know but may get results…

  21. Disgruntled, I have now, but perhaps I should. I’m too worried I’ll then get sacked though! I think his boss would want things done, but I also don’t know how involved he is so I could end up out on my ear.

  22. (that should read “I haven’t no.”)

  23. Phew – I thought from your first comment that you’d actually taken my advice and it was all about to go horribly wrong…

    er, get a new job?

  24. hehe, know of any that let you spend this much time doing nothing? 😉

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