Triple Whammy

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m not a fan of people who put their feet on the seats on the trains. Worse – illogical though that may be – are people who take their shoes off and put their bare feet on the seats. And, like all right-thinking commuters, I abhor those who put their bags on the seat.

So just what was I supposed to make of the girl this evening who had her bare feet resting on her bag which was itself resting on the seat? That she was trying to piss me off?

Didn’t work, anyway, it’s Friday. Have a good weekend one and all.


16 responses to “Triple Whammy

  1. Atleast it was only a bag with her feet on…
    some one left a big brown stinking poo on a fresh copy of the metro.

    And guess who had to deal wih it?
    Aren’t Londoners wonderful?

  2. I meant to add… on one of my trains today

  3. Eeeeuw gross.

    Although some might say, the only rational use for a copy of the Metro …

  4. During our college days, my friends and I developed careful routines of how to scare away unappealing seatmates without drawing the ire of Amtrak conductors who prevented you from doing anything as obvious as putting your bags or feet on the seat next to you.

    The must effective tactic was inappropriate bodily futzing. Nosepicking worked 100% of the time, but many were too squeamish to do that, so in place of that earitching and any sort of scratching all over usually ensured that whoever was eyeing the seat next to us moved on.

    The things one does for entertainment on a six hour train ride.

  5. I think some of the more unappealing mobile phone conversations I overhear must be designed to do the same thing …

  6. I feel your pain, disgruntled. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. ah, no pain at all in this weather. Summer has arrived

  8. People take there shoes off on the train? That is wrong on so many levels. Well done you for not picking up her shoes and beating her with them.

  9. Hard to inflict much pain with a flip flop, that’s the problem.

  10. I hate to criticise, but I suspect you’re just not holding it right.

  11. Possibly right – my weapon of choice would be the stiletto

  12. That is very good thinking, but sometimes you just have to work with the tools at hand.

  13. So – just out of curiosity, you understand – how do you inflict sufficient pain with a flip flop?

  14. Hold the flip flop by the heel, plastic straps facing the same way as the back of your hand. You then proceed to use the sole of the flip flop to smack a suitable area of exposed flash (back of the legs, stomach, that kind of thing). Repeated application of the flip flop will result in much pain and a red area. (Many years in hot countries spent fighting with my brother 😀 )

  15. Ok – I’ll leave that one to the experts

  16. Oh, I’m glad MC stepped in there before I had to answer and you called my bluff.

    p.s you’re the first blog I’ve commented on on my shiny new reformatted computer, I trust you’re suitably proud 😉

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