Where Is Everybody?

It looks like it’s finally summer – and I’m not just saying that because the recent cessation of hostilities by the weather gods. I went into Vauxhall tube to renew my ticket this morning and despite the quick ticket machine being out of order there was no queue at the slow ticket machine, and none at the ticket office either. Not only that, but there were so few people coming in and out that a chap with a scrapy thing was able to work on the sisyphean task of removing chewing gum from the floor of the entrance way (I wonder what he did in a former life to deserve that punishment? Kill Shambo?). And it was a similar story in Vauxhall station proper: just the one newspaper stand guy and no queue, the platform sparsely attended, the train ditto. In fact the only part of my journey that did not seem to have been hit by a neutron bomb was the walk over Kew Bridge, where the traffic was its usual inching nose-to-tailback. There is in fact no hour of the day or night, no day of the week or year, when Kew Bridge northbound carriageway is not in this state, so that doesn’t tell us anything.

And talking of nose-to-tail traffic, this blog would like to remove its hat and offer a moment’s silence to the victims of yesterday’s roadbridge collapse in Minnesota. The Twin Cities are (metaphorically speaking) rather close to home to the disgruntled household, and our thoughts are with everyone whose journey home yesterday turned into a real nightmare.


3 responses to “Where Is Everybody?

  1. Sometime ago, there was a great report on how much more important and relevant the issue of America’s aging infrastructure is to Americans than threat of terrorism. I think Twin Citians would now agree they are much more likely to be killed by failing infrastructure than by Osama bin Laden.

  2. All those lucky, lucky people with kids have vacated busy old London to go on holiday to sunny climes that will now be – um – really busy and full of other people with kids.
    I like August in the City.

  3. yeah but the ‘war against crumbling infrastructure’ just doesn’t have that ring, does it?

    Pog – all right for you. The kids are all on my trains…

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