Honesty Box

The back entrance to Vauxhall station was set to its usual going home configuration today: the gate on one side was for people coming in, the gate on the other side was for people going out and the gate in the middle was simply open. I’ve never worked out why they don’t just open all the gates if they can’t man that entrance instead of just one of them. But then I’ve never really worked out why the bulk of the passengers still choose to go through the gates they have to use their tickets to open instead of going through the middle and saving themselves the effort. Do you think demonstrating you’ve actually paid for your train ticket has become some sort of a status symbol these days?


4 responses to “Honesty Box

  1. I generally choose a gate based on how fast I can get through it. Since putting the ticket through the barrier takes all of no time (old hand, one swift movement to get through) it really boils down to the number of people queuing and how much of a muppet they look (i.e., are they going to block the gate). If the closed gate has no queue I’ll use it. If everyone is using that gate I’ll go through the open one, ticket lamely in hand in case I get asked by someone if I have one 🙂

  2. It also occurred to me after I’d posted this, that the gates requiring tickets are one-way only, thus preventing the chance of head-on collisions with like minded people going the other way
    OTOH I suspect sheer habit’s got a lot to do with it as well

  3. its the herd mentality,and also if no one is using the middle gate others may think that it is not allowed or they don’t want to stand out.
    cheers john

  4. Funny, because they’re not shy about tailgating or leaping the barriers when they’re closed…

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