Here Be Dragons

I have a confession to make. I have never been further south on the Northern line than Kennington, and I live in Kennington. South London is a closed book to me, despite living south of the river* for almost two years. I am a North Londoner in exile. I will shortly be breaking new ground for me (and for North Londoners everywhere, I suspect) and heading south on the Northern line, as far south as you can go without actually ending up in Mordor. Sorry, Morden. South Wimbledon, to be precise. To attend what is either a party given by somebody I have never met, or the most elaborate white slaving operation in the history of the internet.

If I’m not back blogging by Monday, I’ve either been kidnapped, or fallen off the edge of the world.

* But – to steal a phrase – within sprinting distance of a bridge.


18 responses to “Here Be Dragons

  1. London City Soul

    lmao, wow, tooting broadway that’s what’s up.

    and south london ain’t so bad after all, I’m sure you will discover that….

  2. Would you brave deepest darkest Essex too? I’m having a party in Novemeber, wanna come??

  3. Bah, you left before I could get you to sign my copy of Momaya

  4. Fellow Bloggers in these sparse parts don’t give parties. If Moobs could move north?

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  6. LCS – I don’t see how anywhere called ‘Tooting’ can possibly exist
    LLD – now that I’ve ventured that far south, Essex should be a breeze …
    Moobs – yes, sorry, the lack of oxygen was beginning to make me feel dizzy, I should have acclimatised
    Huttonian – would be a hell of a commute.

  7. Hello! It was brilliantly lovely to meet you.

  8. Yay! Clearly getting drunk and begging people to read my blog works! Must try that more often.

  9. .. oh and it was lovely to meet you too…

    Hangovers do nothing for my manners

  10. I just forgot to add you to Bloglines when you moved. All fixed now. You left early, you sensible creature. You missed us all dancing to New Order like loons.

  11. he he – pray that nobody took piccies. Or video

  12. Oh, I’ve only limited London experience, but I’ve always stayed in and loved the North, and the only places I’ve been in the South involved locking the doors and debating whether Lord Palmerston’s Civilus Britannicus policy stretched into anywhere as wild as the place with all the scary teenagers.

  13. So it wasn’t a white slavery trap afterall?

  14. I saw no signs of photies or video cameras, thank goodness. Mind you, I had been doing my best to drain the tequila pond by then …
    It’s not often you get to a party and someone says ‘Hi! I’m disgruntled’. Ahem.

  15. Oh, by the way – remember the tat? Here: .

  16. Pog – no, and especially not at a party of that class. Ta for the link
    Yorks – perhaps not. Or they took one look at the merchandise, and decided to pretend it was a party after all
    Peter J – some parts of South London are still waiting for the pax Romana. Not South Wimbledon, though. Very leafy indeed

  17. Disgruntled, indeed, I lie, I believe Richmond is south (although my memory may decieve me, in which case I shall die) and that was rather nice too. On the other hand the areas un named which we passed through were just the kind you refer to, and should your information be correct, I bet the Cassivilani are still roaming wild.

  18. Ah well, Richmond’s barely London at all.

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