There are the inexplicable things that people do on trains. Take, for instance, the chap the other day who spent a crowded journey from Kew Bridge to Clapham Junction carefully ripping articles out of the Argus Lite with a ruler. He left behind a small pile of torn newsprint and an ineffable air of mystery: for what could there be in the Argus Lite that was so gripping and so important that he couldn’t wait till he was home to cut them out?

And then there are the inexplicable things that people do in train companies. Take Kew Bridge and its great bike rack glut. Bowing, no doubt, to the awesome power of the blog, the old bike racks have now been removed – sawn off at ground level, it looks like. So we’re now back to the situation we were in before they built the new bike racks – with parking spaces for 20 bikes. Except that a lot of money has been spent on putting in the new bike racks, and now all the spaces are on the same platform which means anyone coming in on the now bike-rackless platform has to lug their bike up two flights of stairs, wheel it across the bridge and lug it back down two more. Hmm. Improvement? I don’t think so. Meanwhile, the number of benches, and particularly benches under cover, remains resolutely too few. So if you’re listening, SWT, and you’ve got any money left, how about some seats?


2 responses to “Inexplicable

  1. He must have a brother who was travelling on my train to Waterloo on Friday morning – spent the entire journey tearing news stories out of his paper. Then left the pile of stories behind but took with him the tattered newspaper…

    Add to that the woman who was stood on the platform drinking from a coffee mug that looked like she’d brought it from home because she hadn’t had time to finish it, and it all made for rather a strange journey.

  2. Leaving the stories behind? Was he censoring it do you think? Truly bizarre

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