Buttoned Up

I don’t know, call me little miss observant, but it’s only just occurred to me after 2 years commuting with them just how badly placed SWT’s door buttons are. If you’re on the outside of the train waiting to get in, and you’re a well-brought-up considerate commuter (as I know all of my readers are), you’re going to want to stand aside from the doors, to allow the passengers on the train to get off first. So where do they put the door buttons on the outside? Right in the middle of the doors, where the two halves meet. Yet if you’re on the train, not wanting to get off because it’s not your stop, and you’re a well-brought-up considerate commuter, you’re going to want to stand to one side, to let the people who do want to get off off. So where do they put the door buttons on the inside? Off to the side of the door.

You know, if they had sat down and really thought about it I don’t think they could have done worse – short of something really perverse, like having them on the floor. And the more I think about it, the stranger it is. How could they get it so wrong? Do you think the doors are on inside-out?


6 responses to “Buttoned Up

  1. London City Soul

    i don’t think people inventing new trains and developing train concepts have a damn clue what they do. That might be, because they most likely be the ones to go to work by car every morning, only ever ride a train when it’s either empty or not on duty. You wouldn’t really expect someone like that to know what it feels like being on a crowded train, if they did, not just the door bottons would be located differently.

  2. You’d think someone who designed trains for a living would be a bit of a train buff … but I suspect that the boring old carriages where the passengers sit aren’t the interesting part for a train engineer, and so they get left to the work-experience guy or something.

  3. Maybe they were being realistic about the lack of well bought-up considerate commuters in this neck of the woods. I rarely see any on my route.

  4. Pog – what are you saying? Surely not!

  5. ‘s true. I mourn the demise of the good ol’ British queue …

  6. I’m shocked, shocked!

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