Darkness At Noon

Sodding typical. I take a day off and now here I am, at home, with the lights on, in the middle of the day because it’s so dark I can hardly see.

Summer. Remember that?

Back to the commuting front on Monday. I’d say have a great weekend, but I don’t think any of you are ducks, so I think it’s unlikely to happen


14 responses to “Darkness At Noon

  1. I heard someone call it biblical weather earlier on.
    The thunder has been as loud as I’ve ever heard it.
    It’s a day for sofa flying with a good book.
    As for summer come October we’ll be having a heatwave!

  2. The headlines today said something like “2 months of rain” – that’s kinda heading to the 40 days and 40 nights thing – I hope someone’s building an Ark out there….

  3. St. Swithin has a lot to answer for

  4. Have you got your shower cap on then?

  5. he he… I’d need more than a shower cap. Diving bell, more like, after the deluge we just had…

  6. Can we all guess who went for lunch, sans brolly (left at desk) with no coat and sleeves all rolled up for the … er… sun just as the heavens opened? Table for three please… and could I trouble you for a towel?

  7. I hope you got one. The last time I got drenched by the rain, the guy at the news-stand just offered me a paper napkin…

  8. St Swithin’ Days dry in the Borders and no rain since. Al Hamd’illah as Usama would have it

  9. Look out, because it’s heading north…

  10. We had eight feet of water in our High Street.

    Fortunately the house is on higher land (IYSWIM).

    No trains out of Birmingham New Street or either of the two Worcester lines. No trains out of Kidderminster.

    No buses.

    M5, A38 and A448 closed.

    Friday was such a great day. Not.

  11. Perhaps after all taking the day off was a good idea…

  12. I just heard that summer’s on its way. It should be here in 2008…

  13. The bakery round the corner flooded. As did, ironically, the dry cleaners.

  14. Ian – he he! Apparently it’s an el nino year, that’s the problem.
    Moobs – I thought you lived in the leafier bits of London that were up on a bit of a height. Pity us in Lambeth, former malarial swamp and surely first up against the wall when the Thames floods …

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