More Fashion Notes

You know you’re getting old when the latest street fashions become not just laughable but downright baffling. Take this morning. There were two young lads using the cashpoint at Vauxhall in front of me in shower caps. Other than that they were ‘normally’ dressed – trousers with the crotch at the knees, enormous trainers, baggy tops – and shower caps. I thought at first they might have been catering workers or something, but no: while the lad on the left had a plain white one, the one on the right’s was blue with white polka dots – rather a jaunty shower cap for a septuagenarian say, but a shower cap nonetheless. And the way they were wearing them – puffed out on top of their heads like a mushroom – suggested they weren’t there to be functional. What’s next for today’s hip and happening yoof – curlers? Slippers and a pipe? Tartan shopping trolleys?

And – before you ask – no, it wasn’t raining.


5 responses to “More Fashion Notes

  1. I bet they were really from Mars (the planet, not the chocolate company) and had completely ballsed up their research on “normal” attire for a human male…


  2. Shame, because they’d got everything else right

  3. The other day I say a youth who had his jeans so low slung he had to walk with his legs slightly bent out to avoid losing them completely. They came down completely below his underpants. I would have thought he was in danger of committing an offence.

  4. Only to common sense though. As long as his pants were decent enough, that is …

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