Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with a witty and amusing yet on-topic blog entry every day.* It’s not that nothing happens, it’s just that everything that happens has happened before or is tedious to such a degree that it would be as dull for you to read about as it was for me to live through. Take today, with its sorry roster of one cancelled train, one late train that, when it did turn up, was vandalised (pink and purple graffitti – do you think it was First Capital Connect’s branding team overstepping its remit?), one train that was neither late nor cancelled but compensated for these failings by having its door pip volume set so loud it was painful to hear, four passengers discussing their busy and important jobs at top volume, and one very posh bloke on a mobile phone discussing whether he should attend the latest 2020 match. And that was without the driver of the Audi TT who thought his car’s revolutionary styling and look-at-me good looks meant he didn’t have to bother with indicators. Or manners. How the hell am I supposed to get a blog entry out of that lot?

Oh. I just have. Ah well, happy weekend one and all, and here’s hoping it will rain frogs or something come Monday.

*yes, yes, I know, what do I mean by ‘sometimes’?


12 responses to “Nothing to See Here, Move Along

  1. In this case something out of virtually nothing still makes good reading!
    Thanks, and you too!

  2. I’m going to say something controversial – I think First Capital Connect are doing okay. I travel in on the Peterborough-Kings Cross line every day and apart from the occasional breakdown (which always happens in Welwyn Garden City – make of that what you will) I think they’re pretty reliable, reasonably courteous, and fairly good at keeping their web site up to date. The lost property service stinks, but that serves me right for leaving stuff on the train anyway.

  3. I bet the train companies hate your blog that all that constitutes a normal day! I’ll pray for some biblical plagues for your commute, although hopefully just for you to see, not actually experience… šŸ˜‰

  4. JD – fair enough, and most of the time SouthWest Trains do okay-ish too (though of course after Silverlink, anything would seem like a miracle of efficiency). Just not these last few weeks…

    Pete – I’m just hoping one of Vauxhall’s queue bargers gets turned into a pillar of salt

  5. Raining Frogs not a good idea for Monday. Think of traffic holdups as the Frogs cross the road. Not even an Audi driver would dare to run them over. Unless of course his name is


  6. Plus they’re kind of slippery underfoot. Or under bike

  7. I don’t know about frogs, but it’s raining cats and dogs up here…

  8. I don’t know how your commute went, but I was at church yesterday and a frog jumped out from under the stage. I have to confess my immediate thought was that in wishing plagues on commuters, they’d been sent to me instead and felt obliged to point at it and shout “OH NO! It’s line blinking exodus all over again, not more plagues”. I got frogs, so maybe you did get that pillar or salt.

  9. Pete – I tell you, it’s the awesome power of the blog … toy with it at your peril
    Sarah – not hailing taxis, then?

  10. well – i think you just have made a post out of it – and a very fine on, at that! x

  11. well thanks! But it’s a trick you can only get away with once …

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