Now Look Here

If bikes don’t belong on the pavement – and I agree they don’t – then motorbikes surely don’t either. I did think that I’d seen the lot from London drivers, but every so often they pull a new one out of the bag and surprise even me. Like the motorbike that reached the end of the dead-end street at Vauxhall Cross and simply rode up the dropped curb onto the pavement, drove down the joint cycle/pedestrian part of the pavement, and rejoined the traffic at the pedestrian crossing. Hello? Which part of ‘don’t drive on the pavement’ do you not understand here? This may or may not be the same guy who occasionally locks up his motorbike at the bike racks in the Vauxhall underpass – I was too flabbergasted to take his license number to check – so perhaps he’s unaware he’s riding a motorbike at all? You’d think the vroom vroom noise and lack of pedalling would tip him off, but who knows what goes through a rider’s mind these days. Not much, if this guy was anything to go by.


15 responses to “Now Look Here

  1. Oh – and all you drivers out there? We already know that all cyclists are lycra clad devils whose red-light-jumping, pavement-hopping, granny-terrifying, paint-scratching, up-cutting antics should be punishable by death at the hands of the nearest SUV, so don’t bother adding anything to that effect in the comments box. Thanks.

  2. i still prefer the porsche driver who (if he could) would drive IN TO the supermarket instead of being forced to stop outside. Bad enough he has to park on one of those areas marked with a weird looking wheelchair (god knows what that’s supposed to mean).
    Car drivers/lorry drivers put em all in a sack, jump on it and you’ll never hit the wrong one!
    Racey I know, but who cares?

  3. Ah yes, Porsche drivers. I’m sure there are some nice ones out there somewhere …

  4. Sometimes the sports car drivers get their just rewards.
    An open-topped sports car pulled up alongside my bosses car recently. As the driver pulled away he gave my boss a cheeky wave before roaring off into the distance.
    About 10 minutes later the heavens opened and my boss overtook the same car crawling through the downpour with 2 very wet occupants inside. He took the opportunity to return the wave.

  5. I have to say you’re right.
    Now, if the rider had dismounted and walked the bike through the pedestrian/bike area… would that have been allowed? Not that they’d ever do that, but…

  6. Ian – he he, bet your boss enjoyed that
    M – that would have been fine. Unlikely, but fine.

  7. Unacceptable behaviour!

    Tempted to ask if it was a real bike as opposed to a souped-up moped.

    Brought my bike to London last week; cyclists treat a 900cc Ducati with the same degree of common sense as they treat a car.

    Very disappointed things didn’t improve.

  8. It wasn’t a real bike, it was a motorbike … but since you ask, it wasn’t a moped either, and quite big enough to do some serious damage to anyone it hit

  9. Oh, my boss sure did enjoy it. He is still laughing about it nearly 2 weeks later…

  10. I agree – outrageous.
    I find it interesting that it’s only outrageous in this country, having last month nearly been run over by pavement-hogging motorbikes/scooters in Paris and Athens, nobody batting an eyelid……

    I guess the UK still isn’t ready to be part of Europe, in some ways. 🙂

  11. A case of when in Rome?

  12. Although it should be ‘when in London’.
    Just for a change, I’m firmly behind neocolonialist ideology. Just here, specifically.
    Especially for that bastard that nearly ran me over outside the Gare du Nord.

  13. The French will try to kill you if you’re a pedestrian, that’s a given. Although I had fondly hoped I’d be safe on the pavement…

  14. I never quite understood the reason for pedestrian crossings in France. Every driver ignores them and you’re as likely to get run down on them as anywhere else.
    What are they for?

  15. To give the drivers something to aim at?

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