A Public Inconvenience

Walking back to the station this afternoon, I noticed that the last remaining public toilet under Kew Bridge had been closed down. There used to be two sets, before one got turned into a bijou residence during the last property boom. That left a large public toilet just under the bridge – several stalls’ worth – which was closed down a while ago and is now derelict. It was replaced by a single superloo of the tardis kind that makes you wonder if you’re going to emerge from it relieved and refreshed, but in some other time dimension. This in turn has now been closed ‘pending removal’. A sign on it announced that it was being replaced by the council’s Community Toilet scheme. This, on closer inspection, is the scheme whereby instead of the council providing a toilet for you to use, it suggests you go in the nearest pub instead, always assuming it’s open. I’m not sure entirely where the public part of that comes in (apart from the fact that it’s in a public house) although at least, what with Britain’s new shiny 24 hour licensing laws, you don’t have to worry about finding one that’s open. Coming up next: the council’s public rubbish disposal scheme whereby you’re encouraged to dump it in a nearby skip, and the public parking scheme where you simply use the nearest driveway…

Meanwhile – and I’m going from the smell here, because they’re far too scary to actually enter – it looks as though the rest of the community have taken matters into their own hands and turned the closed derelict public toilet into a – well, into an open derelict public toilet.

And the superloo? Who knows what fate holds in store for it. But put it this way – don’t go buying any compact but handily placed detached single bedroom homes in the Kew Bridge area. However surprisingly spacious they may appear when you get inside them.


2 responses to “A Public Inconvenience

  1. A terrific entry, as was yesterday’s.
    You’ve clearly happily settled into your new home here, as I knew you would!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. thanks. And the same to you

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