That Smoking Ban in Numbers

Now that we’ve had a few days of ‘SmokeFree’ England, I can report the following:

No. of annoying announcements warning us that ALL stations will be no smoking from July 1st: 17,000 (approx)

No. of further annoying announcements reiterating that this includes the platforms: 15,000 (approx)

No. of enclosed spaces on Kew Bridge station: 0

No. of no smoking signs on Kew Bridge station: 0

No. of people spotted actually attempting to smoke on Kew Bridge station: 0

No. of people there to tell them not to if they did: 0 (unless you count the very bored PCSO in a highly visible jacket who was visibly deterring the forces of terrorism there this evening)

I’d chalk this up to a victory for common sense, but I suspect it’s more like to have been a victory for SouthWest Trains forgetting all about Kew Bridge station. And now that I’ve blogged about it, such is the awesome power of this blog, that will surely end… Ooops

… and as a PS, now that the security alert had been downgraded all the way to Just Very Scary Indeed, I think SWT could crank back on all the disruption activities. This morning they cancelled my train again, and gave no reason whatsoever, probably to avoid tipping off the terrorists that they’re on to them. Or something. Maybe they are just crap?


3 responses to “That Smoking Ban in Numbers

  1. I am sure the randomised train schedule is a security strategy of SWT. By making their service so unreliable and generally infuriating, it avoids being the target of choice of terrorists.

  2. Except for the home grown ones, perhaps?

  3. I hate SWT. Mep 😦

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