Hail, Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll

Things you don’t expect to say when looking out of your train window on an afternoon in early July: My God, is that snow? On closer inspection – and we had plenty of time, because SWT were disrupting the forces of terrorism by holding us up for an indefinite period outside Queenstown Road – the drifts of white stuff turned out to be hail. Have we angered the weather Gods in some way? Will Wimbledon ever finish? All good questions, but ones to which I don’t have any answers.


5 responses to “Hail, Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll

  1. At least there was a train when you got to the station in the morning. Or any train for that matter.

    I’m currently in Germany and I didn’t see even 1 moving train all morning, call that commuter satisfaction cause I don’t!

  2. Why? Have they terrorists in Germany too?

  3. i suspect it’s wimbledon that’s causing the freak weather. well, i say ‘freak’ but it seems to coincide with wimbledon every year … and glasto.

  4. Ah but that’s first week of Wimbledon. This is the first year I can remember when it’s been this miserable into the second week.

    Not that I care, or anything. It’s just that I don’t want the tennis/Cliff Richard on every night from now until Michaelmas…

  5. no but the entire train company staff decided to go on strike, germany-wide!!


    what a commuter joy!

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