Oh Frabjuous Day

Calloo, callay – I have the internet back, so naturally any thought of terror stalking the streets and airports of Britain pales into insignificance. Besides, it would appear that our train companies at least have it all in hand. According to the British Transport Police in the Guardian this morning, they are using ‘visible deterrent and disruption tactics’ to counter any threat to train stations. This would explain why SWT cancelled one of my intended trains this morning and then made the next one late: to disrupt any terror attempt aimed at Kew Bridge or points west. And there was me thinking they were just crap.


7 responses to “Oh Frabjuous Day

  1. Silly you, whatever gave you that idea!

  2. It’s all part of the wider safety net, eh?

    I’ve got an idea, why don’t we all beat the terrorists by not lettng them disrupt us at all! Run everything as normal, invade no ones freedom apart from theirs, and generally live like we normally do. I bet they’d be so peeved…

  3. The tube workers have a better idea to beat the terrorists: they just go on a 24-hour strike!

  4. it’s good to know this is all part of a greater plan, isn’t it. makes you feel a warm and fuzzy inside. or maybe not…

  5. I must remeber that one for work… “Ladies and Gentlemen… I regret to inform you that delays are occurring to London Underground service at present, this is due to anti- terrorist tactics”

    You make me laugh, think I’ll have a ciggie – oh nope can’t do that either!

  6. @ Electric Writer… which Tube workers…I’ve not had a ballot paper…

    Sorry DC!

  7. Flighty – I really can’t think…
    Pete – actually, I think that’s now government policy. Which is a nice change in rhetoric after the last lot
    Rivergirlie – warm and fuzzy? Is that what I’m feeling? And there was me thinking it was homicidal rage…
    EW – I think that’s the postmen, saving us from parcel bombs
    Tunnel Rat – just keep your eyes peeled for trouble while you’re having that cig

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