I’m Fine. No, Really

Our internet access has been pretty dodgy at home recently – intermittent-net access, more like – so we weren’t surprised to wake up on Saturday morning to find our broadband wouldn’t connect. It says something about our sense of priorities that neither of us realised that our phone wasn’t working either till about halfway through the day. Several distressed calls to BT later, an engineer is currently scratching his head outside our property and they’re talking about restoring it some time on Tuesday. So I’m blogging from work (it’s my lunch break, I promise), just to let you know that updates may be a little infrequent until it’s sorted. Meanwhile, I’ll be the one pacing up and down the platform, chewing my fingers (the nails have long gone) and muttering to myself and twitching. In that, I’ll probably be joining all the smokers.


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