Ladies’ Day

And it’s an exciting lineup here at the Vauxhall Stakes Challenge, a big field, bit of jostling as the runners and riders line up at the doors. Disgruntled Commuter looks well placed in the sixth door, prime position, just behind Old Geezer, she’s looking fresh after her qualifying win at the Kew Bridge Sprint. And they’re off, the door pips gone, good door technique from Old Geezer, he’s well out the doors, Disgruntled Commuter lying third after him and Man in Suit. And there’s a bit of a scrum at the first bend, approaching the stairs, Wheelie Suitcase is in there, yes – Wheelie Suitcase is blocking the stairs, half the field is held up behind Wheelie Suitcase now, it’s looking like carnage. Just the three front runners seem to have escaped, Old Geezer out in front but fading fast, Disgruntled Commuter closing the gap, Man in Suit nowhere. And it’s Disgruntled Commuter out in front now, making all the running, the filly’s looking good as she approaches the second flight. But Man in Suit has found new legs now, Man in Suit is catching up fast on the stairs, Man in Suit is taking them two at a time, Disgruntled Commuter not breaking her stride, Man in Suit is ahead – no – they’re neck and neck! Neck and neck on the last step, this is very close, the finishing line now and it’s Disgruntled Commuter! Disgruntled Commuter by the smallest of margins wins the Vauxhall Challenge cup.


9 responses to “Ladies’ Day

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Top marks and congratulations.

  2. London City Soul™


    this is great, just imagining it, i almost fell off my chair laughing

  3. Ha! Pure genius.

    Told a friend about your blog entry on winning at Kew Bridge because it’s so what it’s like when you’re a commuter.

    I dropped my purse today at the worst time, just about to go through the gates on my way home during evening peak. I – quite bravely – bent down to pick it up and had to thank the two young men that stopped rather than doing what I expected and trampling me to death.

  4. LOL. Know that feeling, got to beat the crush!! If I am feeling sick in the head I get in the way on purpose. Just to get the bastards back 🙂

  5. Flighty – thanks!
    LCS – falling off your chair is definitely better than coffee-snorting, right?
    Michelle – you’re a brave woman
    Blue Soup – you don’t have a wheelie suitcase by any chance, do you?

  6. London City Soul™

    definitely the next step, now if you’d be trying real hard next time I might have milk coming out my nose laughing, but that’s a real challenge.

  7. Not sure I can better this one … but I’ll try

  8. No, I think they are a creation of the devil himself and have ranted at length in the past about them. I could never be that perverse. 🙂

  9. It’s true, they’re an enormous pain in the neck … until you have to get to the airport with all your stuff by public transport…

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