Be Afraid

There is, in truth, much to be alarmed about in the environs of the Elephant and Castle. There is the shopping centre itself – its name, its awesome ugliness, the bewildering array of badness of its shops. There is the pink and glowing mysterious solar powered space pod which had been there for some months and proclaims on its side that it is ‘connecting the people of Southwark with the people of Europe’ (whether any of the people of Europe were asked if they wanted to be connected to the people of Southwark is not stated). And there are its foxes which are large and getting beyond bold these days. But the sign on the road chooses to warn motorists of none of these hazards. The sign on the road is warning motorists of the presence of bicycles instead, although logically it should be the other way round. Perhaps this means the hard men already have taken up cycling…

And that’s the last word I’ll say about cycling for a while – it only winds the motorists and the pedestrians and everybody up and then they start ganging up against me. Back to the trains tomorrow.


2 responses to “Be Afraid

  1. As a sometime cyclist myself I gather the danger we pose is denting their cattle bars and being a pain to wash out of the treads.

  2. Cyclist can be a bit scratchy on the paint, too. Plain old pedestrians are softer, not having so many metal parts.

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