Blog Warming

So this is it, my new blog home…

It’s not quite there yet – I’ve only got about a third of the archives loaded, and I’m still playing around with the templates. But all new posts will be here only from now on. I’ll leave the old blog up for a while, until I work out what to do with it.

Feel free to have a poke around, examine the furnishing, eat all the nibbles and criticise the decor behind my back…


43 responses to “Blog Warming

  1. *munches cheese and pineapple*

    Nice place you’ve got here. The old neighbourhood is looking very sparse nowadays – I’m only staying out of laziness, really.

  2. Oh! And how have you imported comments?

  3. So, what do you think?

  4. I panicked when it was down all the time, I’m afraid…

    For the comments, I had to write a program to munge the html into wordpress import format. Unfortunately it means downloading every page individually which is taking time

  5. just added you to my favorites.

  6. Yay! Welcome to WordPress.

  7. Ooh, thanks… I’m beginning to feel more at home already.

  8. Hope you are settling in okay. I like the feel of my ‘try it and see’ it’s starting to feel as if I might stay!

  9. Oh my goodness. That sounds rather beyond me. Looks like my comments will be staying exactly where they are for the time being.

  10. Hello and a warm welcome! I can say the latter as I’m here as FlightBuff ! I’ll add you to the sofa flyers list there and change it on Flighty, which is still my main blog.
    I like it here, with nice layouts, no adverts and no problems (so far).
    Shame about 20six but understandable in view of recent problems with access and junk blogs.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  11. I loved wordpress – I really ought to get around to buying a new domain.

  12. Welcome! You’ve come to the right place. I tried 20six for a while (which is how I discovered you), but found it was restrictive and unreliable.

    Now that we’re neighbours, if you ever want to borrow any apostrophes or semicolons just call round.

  13. Thanks everyone for coming … one of the things keeping me at 20six was the fact that I had built up something of a loyal readership there. So here’s hoping they will follow me here…

    Katja – if you do want any help let me know

  14. hello there – and welcome to wordpress. i’ll be keeping a close eye on the tweaking you do, cos i’m absolutely clueless. i managed to export everything from blogger, including most of the comments but the links from them don’t work. can’t understand the sidebars though. anyway, hope you’ll be very happy here – i’ll adjust my blogroll forthwith.

  15. *leaves a bottle of wine*

    Hullo! x

  16. Ooh gosh, wine, ta very much Lucy! (you weren’t the person who left the bottle of blue nun at my last housewarming were you?)
    Rivergirlie – have updated my blogroll too.

  17. Any Hobnobs left?
    I’ll swap you for some Halva. (It’s a Greek sticky thing, in a stick. Dead good.)

  18. No just some Blue Nun and a cheese-and-pineapple thing.

  19. i’ve always wanted to comment and say this so i’ll take this chance, and say it

    i love your blog, i check for updates every evening when I return from home. It entertains me, it makes me smile, wonder, laugh, raise my eyebrow, giggle and feel better and all at the same time. If you’d ever stop I would probably sulk like a little child whos lolly you just stole, so please stick around. And great new place you got.

    Keep it up!

  20. Thanks Hannah

    My ears have gone all pink…

  21. Found the place ok -(didn’t come by train) – here’s a bottle of gin and some Pringles I brought over.

  22. Ah – Pringles and gin – someone who knows how to party …

  23. Good choice on picking WordPress! 20six just hasn’t been the same lately has it. I’ve been reading your 20six blog for ages so I’ll be sure to visit here instead, good work.

  24. Yay! You’ve come over to WordPress. Good move.

  25. Yes WordPress seems okay so far – the only thing I don’t like is I can’t get statcounter to work properly with it…

  26. Tube Dude and I will be here from now on, but it might be a week before I get to ammend my link.

    Love the new look.

  27. Another lurker over here delurking to say welcome to WordPress πŸ™‚ I love your blog too so I’ll be updating my links forthwith.

  28. Thanks Disgruntled. Laziness and lack of time are keeping me where I am at the moment, but I may yet get back to you. I’ve already got a WP blog which I rather like, so if I could transport my archives over here then that would be my ideal solution.

  29. Hey, I’m bringing pringles, cakes and biscuits. And a big bottle of cider. :o)

  30. Woo hoo, it’s turning into a blog-warming weekend. I’ll never get the pringle crumbs out of the carpet, but never mind

    Thanks to all the lurkers for delurking – nice to see who you all are

  31. Hey.

    Sorry I’m late. Got stuck in traffic on the M40.

    Any Pringles left?

    Interesting decor.


  32. Ah, you should have taken the train.

    Or maybe not…

  33. Welcome to wordpress. Links have been updated πŸ™‚

  34. Hmmph. Why do I always miss good parties?

  35. Because you’re on bloody vox, that’s why, and I can’t leave a comment on your blog inviting you to come…

  36. Oh, Disgruntled, I’m Sooooo glad you decided to move in near me. WordPress is so much more classy than the old 20six neighbourhood I moved from. Nice decor.

    If you need a cup of sugar or a slice of bread, just knock on my door. I’m up to road at drunkenspaniel. xx

  37. Aha, so that’s where you’ve moved to. Yes, wordpress does seem a nicer neighbourhood. Shame the old place went to the dogs

  38. Would this be a good time to but shares in a removal company? There seems to be a lot of houses on the market and some ‘new build’ as well.
    You are right the neighbours are friendly

  39. shares in blog moving companies, anyway. I bet there are a lot of bloggers stuck in places they’ve outgrown because they can’t face the move…

  40. *ahem*. Have I missed the blog-warming weekend at all? By over a week. I see. Erm – traffic was REALLY bad – no, it really was, I’ve mainly been on dial-up connections for the last 2 weeks. Oh well. I’ll just eat the Pringle crumbs in the carpet shall I?

  41. There’s still some washing up …

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