Throwing Money Around

Things I get asked: ‘Is this the London Road?’, ‘How do I get to Vauxhall?’, ‘Can you spare any change?’

Things the other half gets asked: ‘Oi, mate, scuse me, which of these coins is closest to the wall?’

Now, I could have answered that one, but not perhaps with the other half’s good natured air of impartiality and aplomb. They must have known he was an accountant, and used to making judgements about money (although I personally might have discovered that the coin belonging to the really large and scary looking lad was, on closer inspection, that fraction nearer to the wall). This does at least answer the question of what the gang of youths who are always hanging out on the way home from the Elephant find to amuse themselves. They’re playing pitch penny, only with pound coins: gambling, and underage too – I’m shocked. I always assumed they were selling drugs…


2 responses to “Throwing Money Around

  1. Ah, pitch penny. I whiled many an idle summer’s evening that way as a lad. Of course in my day we used pound notes; that was a proper challenge. It was all in the folding, you see.

  2. Ah but did you have a qualified accountant to referee the really tricky decisions?

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