Thank You for not Ruining My Day

I don’t know why this is so annoying, but it is. Yesterday I’d worked a little later than usual and timed my arrival at the station just right – the long train, my favourite door, a 3-by-2 set of seats all to myself. Everything was shaping up for the perfect journey home. Until a woman came through from the next carriage – having obviously not found anyone she wanted to annoy enough in there – and plonked herself down next to me. RIGHT next to me. There were five empty seats she could have chosen in the set, and four of them would have been fine. But no. She had to sit in the one that had us thigh-to-thigh. Everyone should know by now – surely – that this is just wrong.

Now I know, I know, anyone who takes a sardine-formation train home has zero sympathy for my plight on this one. But you have to admit it’s irritating. It would have been irritating even if she hadn’t filled in the next 25 minutes with putting her bag on the outer seat and doing her makeup and eating a snack and then having a long phone conversation in which every other word was ‘actually’. If she had sat down there and single-handedly saved the world from global warming, or discovered the cure for AIDS, I’d still have hated her. But what was I to do? I couldn’t say anything – it would just have been too petty. I couldn’t move – too pointed. All I could do was flick out the pages of my newspaper and send out waves of silent hatred and hope she got the hint. She didn’t. She just sat there tranquilly right beside me, snacking and preening and phoning, with acres of empty seats spread out around us. She didn’t even have the decency to get out at Clapham Junction.  

Why do people do this? Why? Why?


11 responses to “Thank You for not Ruining My Day

  1. I’d matter how pointed it seems you’d probably find that she was so wrapped up in herself to notice. Besides, people like that are only slightly higher in the food chain than Estate Agents so what does it matter what they think of you 😀

  2. Yeah but why should I be the one to move? I was there first …

    Maybe she was an Estate Agent?

  3. Oh so rude. I’d have moved – I’d have had to. I wouldn’t want to sit for the whole journey being annoyed. I’ve never had this done to me – I was under the impression that only perves would think to do it.

  4. You’d think, wouldn’t you? Yet this is the second time it’s happened to me in less than a year.

  5. I’ll bet she stands on the left on the escalators too. Or worse, right in the middle surrounded by bags!

    She can’t be British, knowing ‘how things are done’ is in our blood.

    I think I’d have ‘gone to the loo’ then handily returned to a different seat. Cannot think of another (polite) way out of that situation.

  6. No, no, she was British – English even – if her ‘actually’s were anything to go by. But you’re probably right about the escalators

  7. Where they “actually”s or the more annoying “acksherly” form?

    Ooh! Spam thing says Super!!!

  8. If she was an Estate Agent she would have moved and charged you 7.5% for the privilege

  9. Sarah – definitely the most annoying kind

    Huttonian – I’d have paid it, to get rid of her

  10. I’d have moved Disgruntled. I’d have had to I’m afraid. Stupid cow! Her! Not you obviously Mobile phones should be banned, or innate phonecalls at least. Come to think of it all innate conversations should be banned. Thought of you on the Brighton to London Bridge last week with annoying girls exchanging “innit, right, like, wicked every other word. What has happened to the English language?

    Strange that I should think of you on a train when i;ve never met you. nice though

    PS How’d did the travel blog competition thing go?

  11. Oh that – I didn’t win … not even second … You’d have heard about it otherwise, believe me!

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