Thank You For Not Smirking

Oh joy. A new announcement to join the regular tannoyances about security and the weekend engineering festivities. ‘In order to comply with Government Legislation,’ it announces, leaving us wondering if there’s any other kind, ‘All South West Train stations will be non-smoking from July 1st.’

What, all of them? Vauxhall I can sort of see – the platforms are open air for the most part, but they are also a workplace for the poor sods who have to wave off the trains, so I suppose they have the right not to get people’s smoke in their eyes (and indeed not have to pick up their butts) but Kew Bridge? Not only is Kew Bridge by no stretch of the imagination an enclosed space but it’s an unstaffed station so nobody works there, unless you count the ticket machine which, frankly, I don’t. And I wonder how they’re planning on enforcing it. Maybe they’ll station someone there whose job is solely to tell people not to smoke, so it can be his or her workplace and thus covered under the act. Or maybe they’ll just get one of those shouty CCTV cameras and boss us about remotely.


6 responses to “Thank You For Not Smirking

  1. Sorry, but we can go one better than that down here in Wales, where we’ve had the no smoking legislation for a few months now.

    Forget unmanned stations – most of our BUS STOPS have notices announcing ‘Smoking is prohibited in this building’ .!!!

  2. Oh but how do people make the bus come without lighting a cigarette? I only ever take buses with the other half because the minute he’s got one rolled and lit, along comes the bus.

  3. this is your great chance to get staff on unmanned stations. people may be mugged or raped or have any crime under the sun done to them, and the rail bosses will not put any staff on these stations.

    so write in and complain about all the passingers that are smoking on the platform(it dosn’t matter if its true) and soon you will not be able to move because of platform staff.

    reguards john

  4. he he – it may just work

  5. It a ploy to see if your paying atention to the messages.

    The Underground has been smoke free for about 20 years now, but does that stop people from lighting up???

  6. I _always_ pay attention to the messages. But I don’t smoke, so that may help

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