Tuesday is the New Monday

… and the Quick Ticket machine at Vauxhall celebrated in traditional fashion by being broken. Or not broken exactly – that would merely have been annoying. Instead it was working in every respect except for the bit where it read your switch card, having gone through the bits where it read your oyster, told you what was on it, you selected the ticket you wanted and it told you how much to pay – and that really was infuriating.

You’re probably now wondering why those of us stuck in the Slow Ticket machine queue didn’t warn those people in the Quick Ticket machine queue what was going on before they went through all that palaver. Well, we did try. It’s just that – when confronted by a choice between an apparently working Quick Ticket machine and a stranger in the Slow Ticket machine queue warning you it didn’t take their card, you go with the machine every time. After all, you reason, they probably screwed up in some way, inserted their card upside-down, forgot their pin number or didn’t have enough money in the bank. And so you too find out it’s broken the hard way, join the back of the Slow Ticket machine queue behind the terminally confused tourists and the people trying to pay with crumpled fivers, and take your turn at being patronised and then ignored by people who don’t believe you when you try to warn them it wouldn’t take your card… at least that’s the way it happened to me.

And as to why someone in Vauxhall station didn’t think to put a sign up saying ‘This Ticket Machine Does Not Accept Bank Card’s’, I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps they had run out apostrophes…


2 responses to “Tuesday is the New Monday

  1. oh my short sojourn back in the bowels of london reminded me once more of the delights of ticket machines and ticket booth people, which i firmly believe to be, more than any number of clouds, the true source of london’s collectively grumpy character. I don’t know how you put up with it every day. (Well I do know, of course, but have managed somehow to successfully erase the memories of that previous daily subterranean existence from my head)

  2. they’re phasing out the ticket booth people in some of the stations … not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

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