Pedants Anonymous

Your special bonus Bank Holiday issue blog entry.

Out and about yesterday, trying to find some part of London that was out of the rain yet not five-deep in coach party tourists, we spotted the following sign:

underground sign

Oh dear. I thought it bizarre that this notice could have been drawn up, printed, proof read, distributed and displayed across London without anyone spotting a flaw. Or had it? When we examined it more closely it turned out we weren’t the only ones offended by the outbreak of apostro-flies:

pedants at work

Someone had been making corrections. I wonder if this counts as vandalism? If not, perhaps the nation’s army of teachers, copy-editors and dwindling band of punctuation sticklers could be issued with tippex, red ink or blue pencils to go forth and sort out the rest of the signs. After all, can you think of a better way to pass a rainy Bank Holiday Monday?


12 responses to “Pedants Anonymous

  1. Wonderful. I’m going to circle all the errors I find on tomorrow’s commute and write “SEE ME” sternly underneath.

  2. Oooh, you’ll be busy …

  3. Sad thing is, i doubt if that many people actually noticed.

  4. All I see is a big blue blur. Though there’s nothing particularly unusual in that.

    Come to a party in Merton Park on 28 July!

  5. As a fully paid up member of the Society of English Pedants I appreciate your contribution to the cause. Now, lets see if we can get rid of those Advanced Warning signs.

  6. Lucy – well, let’s see how the blue-pencil brigade get on this week …

    Moobs – party? Do explain …

    Jim – I always thought the Advanced Warning signs were for people who’d got beyond the stage of the normal, beginner’s warnings

  7. DG – I am having a house warming / belated 40th do on 28th and am inviting a [insert relevant collective noun] of bloggers along for blinks

  8. Is that wise? But I’d love to come (she says hurriedly).

    Um … a Rambling of Bloggers ? A me-me-me of bloggers? A posting of bloggers? An ego of bloggers? A dribble of bloggers? A boredom of bloggers?

  9. A Bullshit of Bloggers, a Raving of Ranters , a Potty of Posters, Don’t start me.

  10. Heyup. Could also mention in my long trek from Monument to Bank today, that I took the ‘alternative route’ to the Central Line platform at Bank, and saw a sign which read ‘Cental Line’ with an arrow pointing left. Couldn’t think what to do, as I had no markers…

  11. A really committed pedant would open a vein…

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