Flapping Heck

Aargh. This recent micro burst of warm weather (soon to be curtailed if the gleeful forecasts of ‘wet windy and cold weather’ for the bank holiday are anything to go by) has re-opened the whole jeans vs. any other form of trousers debate. The problem with jeans is they’re hot, and a bit sweaty for cycling in on a humid day. But the good thing about jeans (and as a child of the eighties, when I say ‘jeans’ I of course mean Levi 501s for there is no other viable option) is that they tend to stay put around the ankle. Whereas other, lighter, trousers go in for flapping about and getting caught up with the bike chain, collecting grease, and generally making nuisances of themselves.

There’s an answer, of course, in the form of the bicycle clip, but that answer is simply wrong – bicycle clips, like braces and bowler hats, are just automatically comical and there’s no way I’m wearing them however practical they may be (see also: vests). There’s another answer which is to tuck your trousers into your socks but I know me, and I also know that the chances are I’ll spend a good 50% of any given working day with one leg still tucked in until some kind soul bothers to tell me. So I’m left with the flapping, greasy marks, and the chance of a disastrous bike-chain related foot amputation. It’s the price you pay for style, I’m afraid.

And if you checked in with bated breath for an update on the four-car/eight-car formation of the 7:41 this morning, I’m going to have to keep you in suspense for another day. I got to the station a tad early this morning and the 7:26 was just about to depart. For one brief second I contemplated missing it just to see what the fates had in store for the next train, but then I came to my senses and got on. You’ll just have to keep checking in (I suggest hourly) tomorrow …


3 responses to “Flapping Heck

  1. oh no you’ve got it all wrong! bicycle etiquette states that if you are wearing jeans on a bicycle, you don’t tuck them into socks in nice weather, you roll them up. Being a girl you have a lot of freedom to how high to roll them (just over the ankle or right up to the knee)

    Also, it is preferred that both legs are rolled up rather than one and this gives the added bonus of tanning the legs ever so slightly every day. I always have nice brownish legs before the hot summer just from this – or maybe it’s just from all the road dust I accumulate.

    the other option is to wear cycle shorts and change at work (I don’t do this because my ride is very short but when I used to have a longer commute I used to wear my baggy cycle shorts and a wicking fabric top and change in the loos.

  2. Use velcro strips!

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Cookie – I’m not sure that the world is ready for my legs, or my legs the world, so shorts are definitely out.

    Flighty – now that’s way too practical.

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