Doomed, We’re All Doomed, I Tell You.

I’ll have to break off this fascinating tale of train lengths – I know, the suspense is killing you – because I went to Paddington this morning instead of to work. Riding up on the escalator from the Bakerloo line I noticed that once again the ingenuity of man has found yet another way that we can use up electricity doing things that we didn’t need to use electricity for before (my personal low point was the discovery of a battery operated eraser). Yes, the adverts on the escalators are now on little screens because our attention span is so low that even the stuff we barely glimpse as we glide past it has to be moving around to catch our attention. Plus it’s probably harder to put chewing gum on the models’ noses on a screen. And the adverts? Well, I’m not going to give them any more publicity here*, but it’s a car company. Which is using the space to tell us how eco-friendly its latest cars are…

* because I’ve forgotten which one it was. 


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