The Saga Continues

OK, so now I’m really confused (admittedly, it’s easily done). Got to the station this morning and saw to my disappointment that the information board was displaying a four-car train for the 7:41. This was repeated in the announcement (they don’t normally bother) – ‘this train is formed of four coaches’ – just in case there was any lingering doubt in any of our minds. Then, when it arrived, it was eight cars long. Do they not know? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just that the second half of the train has somehow got accidentally stuck on the end of the real 7:41 – like chewing gum on a shoe – and they simply haven’t noticed. Anyway, nice long train in the morning, nice long day at work, turn up at Kew Bridge for the 17:41 some ten hours later, find they’re announcing an eight-car train. Aha, I thought, I know what’s going on here. They’ve just got a digit wrong, that’s all. The 17:41 is always a four car train, whatever the announcements may say . 7:41, 17:41 – it’s an easy mistake to make. So we hardened passengers huddled up at the four-car end of the platform and awaited the train. Which was eight cars long.

Do you think that the unthinkable might be true? That they have actually bought more rolling stock? Or are some of you out there somewhere finding yourselves crammed into an unexpectedly short-arsed SouthWest Train?


5 responses to “The Saga Continues

  1. do you think you may be still on holiday and you are really dreaming all this.


  2. I expect the guy responsible for uncoupling the last 4 coaches has been too busy watching TVAM in his guard room these last few days. Once he realises he hasn’t won the holiday he will be back with vengeance. Probably give you 3 carraiges for the rest of the week as payback.

  3. The end times are here, I tell you.

    Unfortunately I’ve got to go to Paddington this morning so you’ll have to wait until Thursday to see what happens next …

  4. trouble is if you get in the rear carriage, the journey time is so much longer cos of that loooong walkd own the platform

  5. Aha – that depends on the station of course. Both Kew Bridge and Vauxhall are what you might call ‘rear entry’ stations so you win both ways … plus I’ll take a long walk over a game of sardines any time

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