See No Evil

We’ve all done it, I’m sure. I know I have. Simply failed to see the person slumped in the doorway, soliciting our change or our sympathy or our purchase of the Big Issue. It’s not that we don’t care, or aren’t generous enough to give. It’s just … What homeless person? I see no homeless person.

And so the change goes unspared and the Big Issue unbought, and we don’t even given them the human comfort of an acknowledgement and a ‘sorry, mate’ as we hurry past somehow miraculously failing to have tripped over them despite not having seen them at all.

So I suppose it should have come as no surprise to me to notice (when, indeed, I finally did notice) that the slumped and comatose figure dossing in the Vauxhall underpass was wearing a hi-visibility vest. The surprising thing should be that they’re not all wearing them …


7 responses to “See No Evil

  1. It could be a Health and Safety requirement!

  2. Indeed because otherwise they might form a trip hazard …good thinking, Flighty

  3. Could also be so some people can see them from a distance and know when to either go deaf for 2 mins, suddenly see something really interesting in the opposite direction as they walk past or both.

  4. True … it’s terrible that sudden onset deafness, isn’t it?

  5. Regarding the Big Issue… as my friend pointed out to me, if it really _helps_ the homeless, how comes the same man has been outside xxx underground station selling it for five years? It obviously didn’t help him so much.

  6. Hmmm … good question. I suppose that would depend on whether he’s selling lots of them, or has been flogging the same copy for the last five years?

  7. lol! I never considered that. Perhaps I’ll buy one next time just to check the date.

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