Shave and a Haircut

If someone you saw frequently – more or less every day, say, for over a year – got their hair cut, you’d notice, wouldn’t you? Especially if it wasn’t a trim but something radical like going from long grey dreadlocks to a short back and sides. A haircut like that deserves a comment – it would be almost rude not to mention it.

Except – and this is the crucial point – when you only know the person in question from sitting opposite him on the train. You see I don’t know him – although we have once exchanged pleasantries. I just see him every day. I’m quite well disposed to him, too – nice and quiet, doesn’t litter, no loud music or conversation, keeps his bag where it belongs, dry sense of humour: in short, the perfect travelling companion. So it wouldn’t do to spook him by mentioning the new look, or in fact in any way indicating that I have noticed his existence. Even though I had to bite my lip not to…

Still, if you’re reading this, oh nice quiet person who gets the 7:41 Hounslow train and gets off at Kew Bridge every morning: Looking sharp, mate. Although I do kind of miss the dreadlocks.


8 responses to “Shave and a Haircut

  1. Are you blogging from work now? That is very welcome

  2. Not to my boss …

    No, I’m at home awaiting a delivery. The John Lewis man is taking his time about it …

  3. makes you proud to be british, dunnit. we’ll only ever talk to each other in the face of impending disaster – and quite right too/

  4. Absolutely! for if we started noticing haircuts, where would it all end? Anarchy and revolution, that’s where.

  5. Go on, I dare you to say something. I look forward to seeing it in tomorrow’s papers: My train horror experience – she mentioned my new barnet!

  6. Yeah – or my stalker hell as commuter is dogged by a frenzied blogger …

  7. Oh you should have taken the opportunity. It might spook him, but then again it might be a welcome exchange. Or perhaps you could be more discreet and leave him a card with your blog address on it?

  8. yes but if I did that then I couldn’t blog about him …

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