Long Weeks and Long Weekends

Oof, it’s been a long week. I realised this when I dreamt this morning that my usual train arrived half full of dead and comatose people. Naturally I got on anyway – a train is a train is a train after all, and a seat is a seat, although I did make sure I sat next to someone who hadn’t decomposed too much. And the real train, when it arrived, wasn’t that much different as far as the liveliness of its inhabitants went – I think we’ve all had a long week.

And it’s not just us who’s feeling it, it’s the tube staff too. According to this blog’s London Bridge correspondent there was a long drawn out semi-amusing announcement at the station about the next Northern line train that ended with – as the train arrived – ‘and on behalf of Ken Livingston and Transport for London Limited, may I wish you all a very pleasant journey.’ That bank holiday? It can’t come soon enough.


2 responses to “Long Weeks and Long Weekends

  1. Have a good weekend!

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