Now Wash Your Hands

I know that some people are so attached to their mobile phones that they’re probably going to have to have them surgically removed, but I did think there were some limits. Until today, when I was startled to overhear a lively conversation coming from the toilet cubicle next to mine. I quickly realised the conversation was purely one-sided, but that didn’t make it any better. Especially after my unseen neighbour announced ‘I’m just in the toilet now, but I’ll deal with it when I get out.’ Just what, exactly, are you supposed to say to that?

But maybe I’m being a prude, behind the curve again, failing to move with the times. What’s the modern ettiquette here? Is it okay to answer it but not to make outgoing calls? Number ones only, or anything goes? How about sound effects? And chaps, don’t you need both hands?

And as for announcing where you are and what you’re doing: surely some things, even in these benighted times, should go unsaid? Or should I simply be grateful it wasn’t a video call?


6 responses to “Now Wash Your Hands

  1. Gruntfuttock

    Maybe we can hope it was a lady plumber….?

  2. Grunt – you’re such an optimist…

  3. In these enlightened times it seems that anything goes!

  4. Indeed – but when anything is going, I wish it wouldn’t answer its phone…

  5. My mother, in Ghana, once overheard the steward who had answered the phone say in reply to a question ‘ Madam is urinating’ To which there is no easy response. And of course she was. I bet she would have welcomed the invention of the mobile phone in those backward days as a companion in the Loo.

  6. whereas I would welcome a steward to answer my phone …

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