Honesty. Not Always the Most Lucrative Policy

I really must stop reflexively checking my change in shops and then going back and complaining when I get too much. It doesn’t impress anyone. Not even the guy at the news-stand this morning when I pointed out he’d given me 70p change for my Guardian instead of 30p.

‘You should have kept it,’ he complained. ‘Spent it on yourself. Had a treat.’

Too late for me now, obviously, but should it happen again, can any of you suggest what small but enjoyable treat I could purchase for myself for 40p? Always assuming I don’t just hand it back and get 40p’s worth of smug righteousness instead…


12 responses to “Honesty. Not Always the Most Lucrative Policy

  1. Pages one to three of the Sun.

  2. Why, how much does the whole thing cost?

  3. 40 Fizzy Cola-Bottles.



    20 Fizzy Cola-Bottles.

  4. I’m having a job thinking of anything that you could treat yourself for the grand sum of 40p!

  5. send it to me and i will put it towards my christmas wine.

    welcome back

  6. I don’t think you can get anything for 40pence that is better than the self righteous smugness

  7. That should get a nice tasty doughnut from Sainsbury’s (or whatever you may pass in the morning)! Or a bagel. (Possibly, I all too often don’t pay much attention to what things cost).

  8. Inflation is a terrible thing, isn’t it? I’ll just stick to the sense of smug self-righteousness then…

  9. To answer your question it may be 30 p but I don’t get it-just read it in the Doctor’s waiting room

  10. I can’t believe he said you should have kept it! Does no one appreciate honesty anymore???! At least you have character… the guy at the news stand could use a bit.

  11. I didn’t realise that you had to pay for the guardian

  12. Mark – They do leave it in rather an inviting pile right next to the stairs to the platform… one of these days I’m going to be tempted

    Huttonian- I think you need a better class of doctor

    Desiree – I don’t think it’s his news stand …

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