London, What State is That?

Off topic again, but mild disgruntlement ensues …

We’re in Colorado and, since we last visited, they’ve instituted a thing called a wildlife stamp which you need to have to access State Wildlife Areas. Unlike the State parks you can’t buy them at the entrance to the place in question (as they’re usually out in the boonies somewere) but have to go and find an outlet or be organised enough to have bought them online. As we’re planning another trip out into the wilds next week, we set off this afternoon to the local marina to pick up a couple. They asked us what our date of birth was and our height and weight*, we paid our 10 dollars and our 25 cent search and rescue surcharge, and all was going well until they asked for some ID. We produced our UK driver’s licenses**. Much headscratching followed. The girl at the counter called the manager. The manager looked confused. ‘London, is that a state?’ he asked. More a city we thought. ‘What’s the two letter code for that?’ We didn’t know. Try UK, we suggested. UK didn’t work. The manager called the helpline. The helpline put him on hold. We waited. We examined their stock – the Jalepeno pepper flavoured beef jerky, the Barbie fishing kit (complete with pink flower shaped tackle box), the many different kinds of fishing lure. We waited some more. Finally the helpline picked up. The manager explained the situation – that he had furriners in his shop and they didn’t have any two-letter codes. He waited. He got his answer and we got our stamps.

For future reference – should you ever need to visit a Colorado State Wildlife Area and you’re from the UK – the two letter code for the country is GBR.

Still it’s all worth it to be able to see one of these:

osprey in flight

*No, I don’t know why either.
** Luckily these were the new picture kind, not the old raggedy piece of green paper kind. Those just get laughed at in most countries…



12 responses to “London, What State is That?

  1. I once pulled into a petrol – sorry, gas station with the facility to pay at the pump. I inserted my UK credit card and was then invited to enter my Zip Code. After a bit of experimentation 12345 seemed to satisfy the machine…

  2. Were these lovely American people – how shall we say it – larger than usual? If so then all stereotypes I have about them in my head remain true!

    “London, is that a state?” Well, it’s in one… you could say.

    American nature look stunning, sure it’s more than worth the five quid (a vey modest fee I suppose) to see it!

  3. Jim -I’ll have to remember that one for future reference

    Nik – in fairness to these people, they were fully aware London wasn’t a state, it was just that the computer wanted a state code, and it wasn’t amenable to common sense…

  4. foolish joke:

    a bloke from the midlands goes to visit ny. at ground zero, he gets talking to a native.

    native: where’ya from?

    bfm: dudley

    native: what state’s that in?

    bfm: pretty similar to this

  5. I reckon they wanted to know how heavy you were in case they had to search for you & rescue you. So they knew to send one helicopter or Two.

  6. Did you get your search and rescue fee back after not being searched for nor rescued??

  7. I was in a wedding in Virginia. Standing outside with a cigarette, the limo driver started talking to me. He noticed my accent and asked me where I was from. “Israel,” I said. “Is that some place in England?” he asked.

  8. So Barbie has worms?

  9. I’m back (no need for search and rescue, I’ll try and get a refund … you lot just carry on being funnier than me in my absence though …

    Moobs – eh?

  10. Enough said! After all there is little else in the universe beyonds the shores of the good ol’ US of A. Take care out there. They’re not very good with strangers. And have a FABO HOLIDAY!!!!

  11. “Computer says No”! Whatever!

    Did you ask them their weight too?

  12. Moobs – ah, I have worked it out. No, I think the worms came separately.

    C-side – thanks – I did have a fab holiday. Now sadly over…

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