Off Topic…

…But I feel I should take my duties seriously as one of Metro’s shortlisted British Travel blogs.

stop sign western style

In the Boise City, Oklahoma (truly the town that everything forgot) Pizza Hut, two tall men in stetsons, jeans, checked shirts and cowboy boots walked in and sat down together in the booth behind us. Anywhere else in the world, you’d assume they were simply gay, but this was cattle country and they seemed to be actual cowboys and sure enough, they were talking about their cattle. I leaned back to hear more:

‘Yeah, so I went to get the herd DNA tested and the guy said…’

It seems ranching has moved on.



5 responses to “Off Topic…

  1. What an excellent entry and terrific photo.

    I hope that you’re enjoying your holiday.

  2. Every time I drive west through my state’s farm country I pass a center for animal artificial insemination.. Alas! It seems that livestock raising has moved on in more ways than one and not in a very fun direction if you’re a bull.

  3. Thanks Flighty – I am, hence the lack of blogging material (not much to be disgruntled about)

    – or indeed for the cows (always assuming they enjoyed it too)

  4. Huttonian has just been put on a shortlist for best Hutton blog by the competition section of the Hutton Think Tank in its publication ; The Hetero. A great honour considering the fierce local competition. Prize money is not inconsiderable

  5. And was he the father?

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