Things to Do in Denver … when you’re a Suitcase

Of all the tedious cliched things to happen on a trip, losing your luggage – or no, let me rephrase that, for we were blameless in the matter – having someone else lose your luggage is the most tedious and cliched of all. So I shall spare you the details except for this one detail. At the airport, we reported our lost bag, were told it was in Denver, and were given our claim code – a six character mix of numbers and letters – plus a website where we could track the adventures of our luggage as it tasted the fleshpots of the Mile High City. On logging in this morning to see when it was going to be delivered to us, I discovered that our bag had managed to shake off its pursuers and was now declared missing. I decided speaking to a human was called for and rang the handy 1-800 number provided, only to be caught in voice-operated menu hell. I got through the first few hurdles and then was asked for my code. ‘As letters can be hard to distinguish, please use common first names such as Emma and Mary for the letters,’ the instructions went. I glanced down at my code. ‘K’ was the first letter – Katy should do for that I reasoned, or Kevin. But then I looked at the rest of the code and gave up. Common names beginning with ‘X’, anyone?


14 responses to “Things to Do in Denver … when you’re a Suitcase

  1. How annoying! The only time it happened to me was on a flight home, which isn’t quite as bad. I hope that you retrieve it quickly and have no further upsets.

  2. Raheelah van den Berg

    perhaps u shoulda resorted to morse code

  3. Raheelah van den Berg

    correction – make that phonetic alphabet – sorry (

  4. Nik – Xerxes was the only one I could think of. Or ‘Xavier’ but that can as easily start with a ‘j’.

    Flighty – yes the errant bag has been delivered thankfully

    Raheela – I’d have been happy with the phonetic alphabet and would have though it made more sense than common names. But that’s what they had asked for…

  5. Perhaps they think the phonetic alphabet is beyond the average person.

  6. Xanadu-common name in Kubla Khan’s time

  7. now you can be a disgruntled passenger too! isn’t life wonderful?

  8. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend was called Xing-Xing, any help??

  9. If you are looking for things to do in Denver you could always validate the following statement:

    “Metro Denver Mass Transit

    The Regional Transportation District (RTD), funded by a 1 percent sales tax, provides mass transit services in Metro Denver. RTD operates 1,071 busses on 174 routes and 70 light rail vehicles on 35 miles of track.

    RTD was named the No. 1 transit agency (2003) in North America by the American Public Transportation Association (ATPA). The ATPA makes the annual award based strictly upon performance criteria like mass transit operating costs, on-time performance, customer satisfaction and total bus and light rail ridership.”

    I dare you 🙂

  10. Xylophone. I might name my first child xylophone.

  11. I once was given this green, red and gold bag which I really hated and hoped would get lost on a plane. It did,the airline promised to deliver it to my home the next day by Taxi. I was out when the taxi arrived and the driver left two identical bags both as nasty as each other. After that they both ended up in a black bin bag which was better than they deserved.

  12. OK enough of the ‘X’ names. The bag is returned …

    Jim – I’ll suggest it to the suitcase next time it goes off on a jaunt

    David – we had the opposite problem – ours is one of those black wheely suitcases like about 90% of them … try describing that to the missing luggage department

    River girlie – I can be disgruntled pretty much anywhere, you’ll find …

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