Two Years …

Two years ago I came back from a particularly painful Silverlink commute and wrote my first blog entry. ‘Two years, is that all?’ the other half asked. ‘It seems longer…’ I really must stop forcing him to read and comment on every post.

We’re celebrating the anniversary by heading off on one of the least pleasant form of modern transport ever devised – the aeroplane. I hate flying. I hate the whole suspended up in the air in a metal tube part, I hate the way airlines and airport security between them reduce you to a compliant herd of sheep, if you can imagine a herd of sheep putting up with standing in an endless shuffling queue with their shoes in one hand and their bag of toiletries in the other. I hate the way you now have to pay extra just to sit in the bulkhead seats or the emergency exit rows these days. I hate the food and the air and the person in the seat in front of me, even before he’s put his seat back as far as it will go. I hate it all. But it’s the only practical way to get to Colorado, so that’s what we’re going to do. Believe me, if I could take a train there, I would. Even if it was a Silverlink. OK, well maybe not a Silverlink. There are limits.

So expect the blog postings to be somewhat few and far between in the next two weeks. Normal service will resume on the 30th, with an extra helping of disgruntlement due to the jetlag…


7 responses to “Two Years …

  1. I will, once we get there…

  2. Oh! Do have a marvelous time, commuter! x

  3. I actually remember that first entry, and have enjoyed your blog ever since.

    I don’t like that kind of flying either, and very glad that I don’t nowadays.

    Have a terrific time once you’re there.

  4. I dislike flying too, for all those reasons, plus the added loss of adventurous experiences.

    My sympathies. But once you’re there, hope it’s terrific.

  5. Enjoy it… don’t worry about deat old London …it’ll still be here on your return.

    BTW, are you going by Picc line to heathrow??

  6. Thanks all – despite the lost suitcase I think it should be good….

    Yep, Bakerloo and Pic, LLD – got us there in record time…

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