Picture This

I spotted a charming vignette of family life on my way from work to the station this afternoon. Some poor child’s parents had over-estimated the effectiveness of their toilet-training technique and Mum was doing a quick emergency pants change on the corner of Kew Bridge – no doubt to the entertainment of the four lanes of rush hour traffic inching past them. And Dad? Dad was capturing the precious moment for posterity on his camera. I mean, I know there are some fathers who are not content unless every waking section of their offsprings’ lives is recorded, but there are limits – and little Johnny’s first al fresco wee is surely one of them…


6 responses to “Picture This

  1. It’s all good blackmail material for when he gets his first girlfriend. I was relatively lucky. My dad only had photos, no video footage.

  2. Put’s paid to how many potential relationships?

  3. ha ha – at least my dad kept the really embarrassing stories under wraps until my wedding, by which time it was too late for the other half to pull out…

  4. Chaotic beat me to it. Just the sort of picture parents show to unsuitable beaus and belles. Mine was ‘here – look at this snap of pog in the bath – with her brother’.

    Oh, the shame.

  5. there was one of my sister and my cousin butt-naked in the paddling pool, kissing, aged around 3 … that used to feature prominently in the family slide shows as I recall.

  6. life is so much easier to cope with when you’re on the other side of a camera

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