Biting the Hand

So as I walked from the station to work today, I already had a blog post in my head, ready to be written. It was to be a short but perfectly formed rant about Metro readers, and in particular those Metro readers who seem incapable of folding their newspaper over as they read it but instead insist on spreading it out on their neighbours’ knees as they flick through its pages. This was triggered by a particularly egregious example this morning from a chap who’d already had to squeeze his way onto the train at Clapham Junction and shoogle his way into the middle seat between me and a rather burly builder, so he knew the space was limited. Nothing daunted, he spread his Metro wide and gave us both the benefit of his paper for the next five stops despite the fact that I was already reading a newspaper – one I had gone to the bother of paying for – and didn’t really want to read his. I had decided that he was either new to the whole newspaper-reading business and thus wasn’t aware that it was possible to actually fold the thing down the middle (bendy stuff, paper), or was so excited that someone had given him something for free he thought he’d share the love. It was only when I got in and checked my stats that a third possibility emerged – he had rumbled my identity and was trying to subtly show me this : I have been shortlisted for the Metro’s Brit Blog awards and in the travel category no less. Obviously this made the rant seem a little churlish, and so I have refrained.

So instead can I say a big up to my fellow shortlistees: Phileas Blog , London Underground Tube Diary (I’m in distinguished company here), Mindhorn and Blood Bus, A Driver’s Blog of Night Bus Terror . And a big welcome to my commuter hell, o Metro readers, I hope you stick around. Meanwhile, while I have your attention, can I just make a tiny little suggestion? To those of you who don’t? Fold the paper over when you read it would you? There’s a love.


12 responses to “Biting the Hand

  1. Well done on making the short list! Fingers crossed that you win it. You certainly deserve to.

  2. I don’t know – Annie Mole is the Godmother of commuter related blogging, and Blood Bus is scurrilously funny. So I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t win…

  3. Okay then, but good luck all the same. As a long time favourite of mine your blog is one I always look forward to reading.

    Incidently Book Aid is now showing as a link on all my blogs, and I’ll be doing occasional entries about it on BookBuffs. Thanks again for suggesting it.

  4. thanks. And I’m glad about the Book Aid & hope you have a better time with them than with RNIB …

  5. the way the broadsheets are turning into tabloid sized we won’t have this problem for much longer.

    anyway good luck hope you win.


  6. That’s the sad thing – the Metro is tabloid sized – it’s just the trains are so darn cramped you still can’t read it opened out…

  7. As if you couldn’t tell already, I’m one of those Metro readers. No, not the non-folding-newspaper ones but those who saw your blog shortlisted and came to check it out.

    You’re hilarious. I think it is refreshing to find a blog that says exactly what we all are thinking when we are squashed into sameness by the Underground.

    Well done!

  8. Thanks Idemili – always glad to be of service.

  9. The last time someone tried that with me, I unfolded my paper and played her at her game. She caved surprisingly quickly.

  10. That’s probably the answer but I can’t really summon that amount of passive-aggression that early in the morning… and by the evening the metros have all gone.

  11. Congrats Disgruntled. Just being nominated is one hell of an achievement. You’d certainly get my vote. I even blogged in your honour this week!

  12. Thanks! I’d missed that one …

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