I’m on the Train!

Nah, it’s rubbish….

Posted via GNER’s wireless internet connection. Fortunately, the train is going a bit faster than their broadband does. Chuff, chuff, chuff.


6 responses to “I’m on the Train!

  1. Still, it’s braking new ground, now you can complain about them while they provide the means to do so…

  2. that seems somehow a little unsporting…

  3. still, it’ll save you yelling, ‘i’m on the train …’ down your mobile phone, like every other f***er does. you can just email it instead

  4. i wish we still had the chuffers they used to go faster then the rubbish we have now.

  5. The speed their connection was going, I’d have ended up shouting at the computer instead, which wouldn’t have been much of an improvement…

  6. Blimey, I’m surprised that either works.

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