Masked Maurauders

Well, a bit of excitement on the train home this afternoon – and in Chiswick no less. As the train pulled up at the station, one of the lads hanging out on the platform suddenly hauled off and started assaulting another, smaller boy. It looked like a bit of horseplay at first but then we noticed that the lad doing the thumping was wearing not just a full hoody, but a bandanna tied round his face hiding his mouth and nose, bandit style. That put a different complexion on it and as the fracas went on and the train hung around, some people on the carriage started to get a bit concerned. The consensus was formed that Something Must Be Done as long as We Weren’t The Ones To Do It. Fortunately there was a guard, who was – if not actually an orc – rather on the chunky side and he headed out to pull the miscreants apart. With the smaller lad safely on the train and the masked one left fuming on the platform we pulled out without so much as a bloody nose* on either side. Phew. You don’t want to be the person who sits in the train carriage and watches without intervening while someone else gets assaulted. But neither do you want to be out there sorting it out when the pips go and the train goes after them.

But what’s with the bandanna? It was a new one to me on the yoof fashion scene and definitely looked very sinister as though the lad in question was trying to avoid identification. In which case, next time, he would be better advised not to haul off in front of a whole train full of witnesses in the middle of the afternoon…

* as far as we could tell. Maybe that‘s the point of the bandanna? 


5 responses to “Masked Maurauders

  1. Wasn’t Michael Jackson, was it?

  2. Could be … you may be onto something there.

  3. You honestly think the behooded and bandana’d yoof are capable of thinking beyond whatever idiot urge grabs them next and to think about things like consequeces, witnesses or CCTV cameras? What is worrying is that assaults like this can take place in public places.

  4. I think part of it is that they know that they will get away with it as 95% of people will look the other way.

  5. Model Commuter – that makes the bandanna even more inexplicable though

    Mark – he miscalculated the boredom of the average train passenger if so. There were faces actually pressed against the glass… the most exciting thing to happen in Chiswick since the tennis centre burned down

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