Well, Well, Well

Credit where it’s due. The speedbumps from hell on my route to the station have been sorted out. Whether this reflects the good offices of the people from Fill that Hole, the awesome power of this blog, or a rush on Lambeth’s part to spend their road-mending budget at year end, I don’t know. All I know is that the really pointless one, the one where the cars have to come to a halt anyway because it’s at a give way, is now nothing but a smooth patch of tarmac with a couple lines of granite blocks across it*. The marginally less utterly useless one is still a speed bump, but has been repaired so it no longer resembles some sort of tricky hazard on a moto-cross course. I have gone so far as to let the website know (although as I didn’t report it in the first place I can’t flag it as fixed myself). This brings Lambeth’s total of fixed potholes up to a massive 10 (nine marked as fixed plus this one) out of a new grand total of 88. It’s a start – and one day they may even manage to fix them faster than we can report them…

* This still raises the question of why they went to all the bother of actually building it in the first place but we’re being magnanimous here, so we’ll let that one go.


3 responses to “Well, Well, Well

  1. A good start to the week, made even better with it being a fine day as well.

  2. Yes, it’s hard to keep up the appropriate level of disgruntlement in spring…

  3. Cheer up! It won’t last.

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