Spot the Difference, part 3

This one is for my fellow passengers, mostly. 


The one on the left is a recycling box. The one on the right is a train. You probably actually already know that, unless you also spend a lot of time sitting in your green box on your doorstep, wondering why you’re not going anywhere. Yet somehow you continue to keep treating the trains as though they were somewhere to discard your paper waste. It’s not so much the abandoned newspapers, although it’s no longer really an act of altruism to leave your Metro or LondonLite for the next passengers seeing as they’ll have waded past several dozen ‘vendors’ to get to the train so if they really wanted one they probably would have one already. It’s everything else. This morning someone decided to leave half their diary pages on the seat I wanted to sit in. And not scandalous secret already written in diary pages, because that might have been interesting. No, just a bunch of blank filofax pages from 2006 that were no longer required. Gosh they must have weighed, ooh, grams. And taken up whole square centimetres of room in your bag. Can’t be lugging those around as far as a real recycling facility, can you? Nah, just leave them on the train. Someone else will pick them up. Why should you bother?



7 responses to “Spot the Difference, part 3

  1. Do you use IE or Firefox? Because on my screen (I use FF) the one on the left is the train, and the one on the right the recycling box …

    Apart from that, however, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s really not hard to take one’s rubbish home and get rid of it there.

  2. Oh bugger. Caught using IE, and in public too. How humiliating.

    Will have to check it out on my FF browser at work.

  3. Damnit you’re right… OK so the first one is a recycling box and the second one is a train.

  4. I just love it when our binmen (or waste recycling operatives, or whatever the f**k they call them these days) take the contents of our recycling boxes and strew them artistically over the pavement outside my house. There’s nothing I like better than collecting it all and putting back in the bin.

    No, really.

  5. I wonder if they get the train to work? They seem familiar …

  6. At the start of the year, my council agreed to recycle plastics… so they have us all a roll of clear plastic sacks to put all our plastics in.

    OK, so every day I wash out all the empty plastic bottles, and packaging and put in the bag to go.

    The last 2 collections have gone out, and been left, well today I called the council to enquire why, and was told that because I had put other plastic items in the plastics only bag, that the gang left it. I was then told I can only put plastic bottles in and nothing else, all other plastics must go in the black bin.

    Sorry, did I miss something, plastic recycling means all plastics no? No sir, it means plastic bottle only – not bottle tops on shampoo bottles, or pots or packaging.

    Then to top it all, all the rubbish I had sorted out in to the required containers for recyckling where dumped in one big bin lorry, all mixed up and no doubt dumped in a land fill.

  7. … or all off to china. Still, what can we do but try?

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