Looking After the Pennies

Wedged in to the train home yesterday evening I ended up stuck listening to the following conversation:

Fat Girl 1: So how do you get home from the station? Walk?

Fat Girl 2: Nah, bus. I mean, it’s not far, but I’ve got a travelcard and you’ve got to get your use out of it.

Fat Girl 1: Yeah me too. And I’m that close to the station but I get the bus.

Fat Girl 2: I should walk it really. But I’ve paid for that travelcard…

Fat Girl 1: Yeah. You got to nail that travelcard. Get your money’s worth.

Comedy pause

Fat Girl 1: So, you going down the gym tonight?

Fat Girl 2: Nah, I’m knackered. Sitting down all day, 8:30 to 5, man that’s tired me out. It’s tiring, sitting.

It was at this point that I realised it’s not a matter of if but when humanity loses the use of its lower limbs. Still, at least we’ll have got full value out of our travelcards. If not of our gym memberships…


7 responses to “Looking After the Pennies

  1. Classic! It’s a frightening thought where we might end up as a species.

  2. … you couldn’t make it up and be that comical! (sorry Go! prematurely)

  3. who knows where we’re going, but I’m guessing the dodos made a similar set of lifestyle choices…

  4. That’s amazing shockingly brilliant. Do they ask the bus driver to lower the step for them too? I mean, it must be hard work lifting that mass of theirs a few inches off the kerb…

    Glad I’m a decent size anyway, it must honestly be a hard life living like that. If a sign says ‘Lift out of order’ it won’t bother me

  5. I blame the inventor of the wheeled office chair, myself. Why walk again?

  6. we’ll have to drag our bloated, useless bodies around using our huge great muscular thumbs

  7. nah we’ll probably program our chairs to be operated via our mobile phones…

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