Spring Forward

I don’t know about you lot, but it would appear that some bugger broke into our house during the early hours of Sunday morning and stole an hour from our precious weekend. The police never warned us about this. And it was particularly painful for me as I had to be in early this morning, meaning getting up at what was effectively 5am today. I’m not sure my brain has recovered since. And it wasn’t just me that was suffering. There was actual snoring on the train on the way in.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – if they have to take an hour off us every year, why does it have to be out of our Sunday lie ins? Why not out of Mondays? Think how much better it would have been if, half way through this afternoon, it was suddenly an hour later than it had been. It’s not as though anybody gets that much done in the dead hour between two and three anyway – especially after a 5am start. It’s that or bring back the siesta. I tell you, it’s the only way. I’d start a petition but I’m too tired.

Anyway, at least someone seems to have found Spring and put it back more or less where it ought to be, and for that I am grateful.


9 responses to “Spring Forward

  1. Yes, it is good to see spring back again! Although spring evenings do seem to suck the life out of my motivation!

  2. Does wonders for mine – the motivation to leave work while it’s still daylight, that is…

  3. i was working saturday night into sunday morning so i wasn’t to upset.

  4. A weekend of late nights made even later by the lost hour made Monday very hard indeed. Weather is gorgeous pleased to say. Thermals back in the wash, nearly time for t-shirts now! Crazy

  5. Siestas. Now you’re talking.

    Western executives call them ‘power-naps, and then still don’t bloody do them.

    I don’t believe human beings are meant to stay awake for more that 8 hours without starting to go gently potty at the edges. T’isn’t right.

    Modern life is….tiring.

  6. John – yes, I can see that would work out for you

    c-side – I hope that’s not the first time the thermals have been washed all year … or do you sew yourself in for the winter?

    Mike – I thought executives called them ‘meetings’ and then dozed through them …

  7. suddenly it’s all become wonderfully clear – and you know how confused i was. i would definitely vote for you, if push came to shove (whatever that means)

  8. It’s always the same every year, when the clock go forward, I’m on an early shift the next day – so an ours less sleep… and in the autum when they change back, I’m always nights so an hours extra work.

  9. That’s completely unfair. Who organises your shifts? And what did you do to annoy them?

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