It’s Behind You

This birthday, my family have mostly been giving me hi-visibility cycling gear – I think they’re trying to ensure that I survive to celebrate some more of them in the future. The other half has given me a slinky new scary yellow jacket that makes me look like a proper fit sporty cyclist – an impression that lasts up to, but not including, the moment I set off anywhere on the bike. And for evening wear, I can jazz it up with a nifty flashing LED vest from my sister. Together the combination should ensure that I and my bike are visible from the moon.

From the moon, maybe, but not – apparently – from the pavements of South London, if the young lady who stepped out in front of me with her back to the direction of traffic is anything to go by. For it doesn’t matter how bright and flashing the cyclists are if the pedestrians don’t turn their heads to look out for them. It would appear that I still need one of these.


9 responses to “It’s Behind You

  1. Happy Birthday to you!

    I’ve got a very nice bright orange hi vi vest you can have – only it’s got a Roundle on the back!

  2. Thanks LLD….

    Actually a proper London Underground vest would be way cool, but probably count as impersonating a railway official or something…

  3. Birthday? I do hope that you haven’t blogged about it and I missed it!

    Anyway whenever it is I hope you had/have a good one.

  4. best wishes

  5. Ok ok, but that’ll have to wait till Christmas. And on no account do I want one to appear in either of my children’s Christmas stockings!

  6. if you survive until christmas, what with all these suicide-pedestrians, maybe santa will oblige

    happy birthday (when was it, exactly?)

  7. Happy birthday!

    If your birthday is actually on 21 March then we have something in common

  8. Thanks everyone. Yes, yesterday was my birthday.

    Frazzled Aunt – maybe I could take your kids’ existing bike horns off your hands?

  9. You’re welcome to them – they’ll be in the post tomorrow (or actually, one will – the other has met with a strange and untimely end. Funny that.)

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