May I Remind…

… the weather Gods that the official start of spring is a mere two days away, and that they should get all this sleet and snow and howling icy wind nonsense out of their system before it’s too late.

But preferably not while I’m on my bike, if they can help it. I got caught in the latest sleet-come-snow-come-icy-rain shower on my way home this evening, and words cannot express the unpleasantness of the experience.


8 responses to “May I Remind…

  1. It makes me wonder what the weather will be like over Easter!

  2. It had better be warm as I will be staying in the coldest house in Christendom…

  3. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but don’t blame me if it isn’t!

  4. the gritter lorry just passed my place of work.

    not that i do that much

    cheers john

  5. Hang on. I didn’t invite you to stop at mine over Easter. Or is there another dwelling that claims the title “Coldest house in Christendom” ?

  6. Cha0tic – I think you’ll find this one is colder. Put it this way, we’re planning on bringing our Antarctic-issue parkas with us for this trip. And that’s for sitting around indoors in. Never, never, never buy a house called The Old Manse… those Presbyterians knew how to mortify the flesh…

  7. Last week – a week on the north Norfolk coast – shirt sleeves -mmmmmm.

    This week – all the places I walked last week are flooded.


  8. And ice on the ground in the park this morning (the gritters here seem to have decided it’s spring)

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