Seasonally Adjusted

Now, steady on, SouthWest Trains. I know that we had jolly nice weather today for early March, and I did enjoy sitting in the little patch of sunshine that has crept onto platform three of a morning, squeezing in between the advertising hoardings and the station roof. And it was pleasant to have a walk at lunchtime among the spring flowers without buttoning my jacket – even the free newspaper pusher outside Vauxhall has cast all caution to the winds and discarded his woolly hat. But we’re talking nice weather for March – we’ve not even had the official start of spring yet and, while it’s a lot more pleasant than it’s been, it isn’t exactly shorts-and-t-shirt weather yet, except for the South Africans among us. So turning the air conditioning on the trains all the way up to icy arctic blast was a teeny bit premature, don’t you think? Can’t you guys wait until it’s, you know, actually warm? Just a thought.


4 responses to “Seasonally Adjusted

  1. Oh, you just want the bloody moon on a stick, don’t you. No pleasing some people…

  2. Abso-bloody-lutely. Actually, the problem was I had been fooled by the bright sunshine and dressed too lightly and had to spend the entire journey sitting on my hands to keep them warm…

  3. The English weather is a deceitful mistress that lulls you into a false sense of security. I leave the house with an umbrella every day even when the sun is blazing in the middle of summer. The weather is a bitch and we are her playthings.

  4. I’m not so good on umbrellas, but I’m thinking of taking a cardigan with me everywhere I go …

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