For Which Relief Much Thanks

I’m not usually much of a joiner, especially if enforced jollity is involved, so Comic Relief has never loomed large on my social calendar. But that was before I heard of Shaggy Blog Stories – an initiative to assemble an anthology of funny posts from UK bloggers in just seven days, starting yesterday. So if you’re a British based blogger with a real coffee-snorter tucked away in your archives, follow the link and bung it in. I’ve submitted one of mine, so you can be confident yours won’t be the least funny entry they receive. But hurry. Last entries must be received by 6pm on Wednesday, and the book itself will be out by Friday.

Friday. Blimey. The internet is a wonderful thing.


12 responses to “For Which Relief Much Thanks

  1. So has Huttonian. But perhaps a bit too erudite and specialist for the average blogophile

  2. oh yes I forgot the reference to the post in question: -‘Gay Quiz Night in Selkirk’ if you can be bothered to find it

  3. Hello! What a great idea. I remember the one you’ve submitted. I’ve none myself.

    I’ve just done a brief entry on Flighty, MrFlighty and FlightBuff linking back to this one so don’t be surprised if your stats increase somewhat.

  4. Huttonian – we shall see.

    Flighty – thanks for the links

  5. I don’t think I ever write funny stuff, definitely wouldn’t match your contribution anyway.

  6. Thanks for putting me on to this. Surely my future as the next Ricky Gervais is now secure.

    On a different subject, you are the talk of the Esher dinner party circuit.

  7. midwife muse – what, nothing funny from the disintegration of the NHS? Ah, perhaps not …

    Moobs – dammit, you can’t leave intriguing comments like that and then not explain. I thought Esher was all wife swapping, anyway. Or is that Pinner?

  8. My wife was trying to embarrass me at a dinner with friends who live in Esher by saying that I keep a blog and then making me explain it. Another guests said: “I’ve been reading that some of these blogs are very fanmous. There is one which describes the person’s daily commute which is apparently very funny”.

    I glowed with pride for you.

  9. Ah… people in Esher should probably get out more. (I like the ‘apparently’ very funny btw. You notice they don’t admit to actually reading any blogs …)

  10. I saw this and thought, “Ooh, might have a go at that.” However, some three quarters of an hour of rifling through my archives revealed that my blog just ain’t funny. I’m sure I had a sense of humour once.

  11. You probably left it on a train.

    Of course now I’ve gone out on a limb and admitted I’ve sent something in, when it doesn’t appear in the book I’m going to look a prat, aren’t I? Welcome to Disgruntled Commuter, not in the top 50% of funny British blogs…

  12. I fear that neither Disgruntled nor Huttonian appear to have made it into the top 100 humourists featured in the instant book.

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