Am Drams

I’m surprised that with the exception of Her Maj, the Brits didn’t do better at the Oscars, such is the depth of our national dramatic talent at every level. Take the young man on the train this morning, with his bag on the seat beside him. The train was late and there were signalling problems of some undisclosed sort that meant the train was fuller than usual. Come Clapham Junction, where it was obvious from the crush on the platform that the train was about to go from busy to completely rammed, he sat on, arms folded, apparently lost in thought ignoring any looks darted his or his luggage’s way. Passengers got on, sat on the few remaining seats, piled into the aisle, but nothing fazed our hero and his bag. Finally one woman stood right in front of him, cleared her throat and glared directly at his bag.

Oh what a performance followed. First we had blank incomprehension (what bag?) then dawning realisation (oh, that bag), followed by baffled innocence (is that my bag?) then the moment of epiphany (oh, it is my bag! On the seat! How did it get there?) and in quick succession charming and abject apology (so sorry about the bag), gallantry (allow me to move my bag) and last minute resolution (I shall put my bag up here on this amazing luggage rack which I’ve only just discovered was over my head all along! Phew, what a stroke of luck!). Roll credits and end…

Next time? Just move the damn bag, dear boy, it’s easier.


3 responses to “Am Drams

  1. Obviously he was practising his method acting!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. And isn’t it amazing that it takes such a long time before anyone tackles the culprit, and even then it has to be through (un)subtle hints, rather than directly asking him to move it. We only have ourselves to blame!

  3. Flighty – thanks. You may be interested in today’s entry

    Angelfeet – I’m always torn between going direct for the seat with the bag on it, just to show them, or not bothering and choosing another seat where I know I won’t be sitting next to someone simmering with resentment. But that means the seat-baggers have won… choices, choices

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