I am Beginning to Discover…

… one potential downside to doing my entire commute on foot each day.

There are no trains to be cancelled or delayed, no fellow passengers to amuse or annoy me, no drivers trying to knock me off my bike, no mad bus drivers, no announcements, no congestion, no delays. There aren’t even any zebra crossings on my route home. In short, there’s nothing to blog about.

Fortunately for you lot – if not for me – I’ll be back on the trains tomorrow and normal service, I have no doubt, will be resumed shortly


4 responses to “I am Beginning to Discover…

  1. Surely you must at least suffer the idiots suddenly stopping in your path, women (and its always women) swinging their arms too wildly meaning you need to dodge out of the way, men (and its always men) with thier furled golfing umberallas held pointing out behind them so they end up making a jabing motion each time they take a step and the general infuriating slowness at which everyone seems content to walk at…….*heads off to get soap box*

  2. You forgot people coming towards you, especially couples, walking side-by-side, deep in conversation, who refuse to slip into single file on a narrow pavement and interrupt their conversation just for a second to allow you to pass, thus forcing you to step into the road.

    I actually don’t step into the road sometimes: I walk as close to the edge as possible without stepping off the pavement and if the oncoming chatters don’t make way I simply stop in front of them – or even bump into them if they don’t have the sense to stop themselves – stare at them brightly for a few seconds before saying, “I’m sorry but I’m not stepping into oncoming traffic just to facilitate your conversation.”

    They scoff at me as if I’m the biggest jerk alive but their conversation is interrupted for much longer than if they had demonstrated just a little courtesy and allowed me to pass. Selfish bastards.

    Er… this blog really brings out the worst in me!

  3. Perhaps TfL could encourage the use of only two walking speeds in London: the canter, for commuting, journeys to the theatre, cinema, supermarket etc. and the dawdle, for the flaneur about town. Im not sure how wed keep the two apart, though. Separate lanes?

  4. MC – Believe me, the walkers in the city are as nothing to the amblers who infest the South Bank and Westminster bridge. It was a positive rest cure to stride through the streets around Cannon street.

    Steve – just make sure you read it in a nice darkened room and put a cold flannel across your eyes afterwards

    EP Dowd – I have long advocated fast and slow lanes for pedestrians yet somehow the powers that be have failed to take it up. Curious

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